Monday, 18 April 2011

Og Niki has done it again

OG niki is making fast movements in the uk music scene, already a worldwide trending topic on twitter with over 11,000 followers, the young industry hoe g niki <- as some of her followers nickname her, has made a tune with east london Margs(Mashtown) artist. The 26 year old artist made new shockwaves by collabing with 17 year Og niki. First Sneakbo now Margs but many people have lost respect for the musician on making this move with some people claiming him to be a paedophile, picking up South london rapper Sneakbo's sloppy seconds. But did Margs just damage his reputation or will people soon forget? With alot of people already not feeling the tune his fans can only hope this blows over. MOST people honestly believe anyone who collabs with the female rapper is only looking for exposure so who's next. Already getting help from Wiley, Og niki is definitely not slowing down at any moment. But the real question is did she have her way with any of her recent collabs...


More dislikes then likes


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