Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Dot Rotten rushed in Nandos

Grime artist Dot rotten was supposedly rushed in nandos by Blacks and Ruger. Little is known but on Dot rotten's official twitter he responded with..

"Blacks an couple man actully tried to rush me in Nandos Greenwich someone tell dem man I said safe loooool I know where I stand now peace!!"

"Loool man were throwing plates peri peri bottles glasses everything trying to Hurt little old me had me move like a basketballer it's funny."

While on the other side Ruger from OG's tweets on the situation were..

"So I jus had to violate a mc dat try diss my team, had to dash drink in his face and had him running round nandos."

"To all mc's and rappers, b careful before u say certain tings bout certain ppl regardless if its on a track or not cah sum of us aint always been in da scene, we've been living wot u nerds spit about n wen we do catch u, u will get VIOLATED."

"I drowned his face wiv coca cola."

So is this all just a publicity stunt? you decide what to make of this, for the latest on this story check @ItsDotRotten twitter.


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