Saturday, 16 April 2011

New Rap duo hit the streets! Sneakz and Kaboom

New youngsters Sneakz and Kaboom are two undiscovered talent who have formed a duo like partners Konan and Krept. They debuted on REALLTV Xtra the new online feature show which showcases new talent. So what makes these two different from any other rap duo? well both artists claim to have a unique style in which they run back to back with each other. Now you could say that this is nothing special but of course like many other artists they are trying to make a name for themselves while experimenting with something new. Sneakz and Kaboom made their debut freestyle video on REALLTV xtra and are already gaining exposure. both artists hope to make a bigger impact with one tune they entitled "Summertime" the boys hope this is their breakthough song like rising underground artist Sneakbo's summer hit last year, but like many other young hopefuls they will have to work hard. Watch their new video now on Xtra and look out for more of them in the future.

The boy's hope to achieve duo success like Krept and konan featured above


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