Wednesday, 29 September 2010

GRIME NEWS/ Grime isn't Dead

"Grimes Dead fam" is most people's response when the name comes up but is this true? it's been a couple years now, and most of the pioneers of grime like Dizzee rascal, Tinie Tempah, Wiley ect have all jumped onto the commercial Electro pop tip and topped the charts which once shunned them.

Now even some underground grime artists, have made the transition from grime to uk rap with some claiming grime is dead. but does this mean grime is dead? to be honest grime isn't dead its just evolved but at what cost? many people would argue grime is not dead with artist like Ghetts, dot rotten and skepta still holding it up for grime heads and with various promoters also taking part in showcasing grime talent. Once like uk rap, everybody could spit, people would record it on their phones and show their friends, and channel U had a lot of upcoming grime artists in the years 2005-07 era, but has uk rap taken over the scene in uk you decide.

Grime isn't dead though but why is this? well for one there still are alot of grime artists spitting bars, making tracks, and you can't forget the music producers, alot of artists would argue the downloading and no buying rountine is causing the death of the genre, and of course the electro pop grime transition, But if these songs were not bootlegged in the first place would they be as well known and popular..

Also with different countries starting to take interest in the genre and make their own versions could this just be the beginning? Even Diddy (bad boy records) has been having talks with Skepta (On twitter) about working with him, and it's rumoured that diddy likes grime.. still this seems a bit odd. even Canadian artists like Tre mission are producing grime music, would anybody have predicted this before, has grime finally been accepted internationally?

Still you never know as this could be just the start for the grime scene look out for new grime videos on REALLTV coming soon.


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