Monday, 27 September 2010

Ryan Hutch/International Feature

REALLTV had a few talks with International Detroit born Music artist Ryan hutch and decided to feature him. The upcoming young rapper from Detroit, MI USA is looking to make waves in the game and specially "spread the word" of his music like many other artists. a album is in the pipeline which will be released on October 10 2010 and will be entitled "TOMORROW-N-DETROIT" Below is his his single entitled IDGAF. We wish him the best of luck to him in the future, Look out for more international features soon.

His contact


  1. This is a good look right here... I see you Ryan

  2. My nigga out here makin moves!


    r e a a l l l y

  3. Thas wassup! YHE CAP FME SMGE allday, and if its not........then I>D>G>A>F!!!!!!

  4. REALLTV WORLD---Ryan Hutch is one of the hottest up and coming raphop artist in the world and definitly out of Detroit. You will enjoy his muzik for ages to come starting 10.10.10! REALLTV, THIS IS A NEW WRAP ORDER, courtesy of YHE-SMG-CAP-FME!!

    10.10.10 snatch that free download up!!
    Marauder Feez

  5. Big Dizz... (Zack)28 September 2010 at 01:57

    This shit hot lil bro, keep it movin!!!