Sunday, 26 September 2010


Did you reach the london's bbc Radio 1XTRA LIVE? the gigg featured a host of stars from the likes of Tinie Tempah, Gyptian, Ndubz and a lot more. Rumours were that official GUEST tickets sold out in the first 20 minutes. so what's the result? For all those that didn't go and want to know the vibe and content let's not hold back.

So from what we did catch.. the crowd's energy was not there with all the acts, many artists appeared on stage and performed well but not surprising most of their songs which they performed was commercial and poppish. after a while most people sat down either due to boredom or tiredness of standing you decide. With some artists just performing two songs and walking off stage you could feel people wanted more.

Still each artist gave it their all and the host did try to liven up the crowd. Many people danced what is expected still..

The UK's Biggest Free Urban Music Event? (you still had to pay a booking fee)

crowd 6/10 - could of been better, but then again it's all up to the artist
Artists 8/10 - all artists pull work into their routine, still somthing was missing
venue 7/10 - it was okay but nothing special, neither bad or good
Host 8/10 - they did try
overall - 8/10 - it just made the number 8, could of lived up to it's name

Artists who performed
N-DUBZ - good
Tinchy Stryder - Missed
Tinie tempah - Good,
roll deep - poor crowd reaction
katy B - missed
Delvin - good but only two songs?
Labrinth - Missed

Jason Derulo - Good - got a few girls excited
B.o.B - Missed
Gyptian - Missed
Cee Lo - Wrong song, wrong time, but good

So could it have been better?

The event could of been better but it still made history in Wembley today. You didn't miss out the world but it will be a night to remember for some.

REALLTV couldn't get footage but we did manage to snag a picture or two in assocation with Jo Snaps Photography.


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