Friday, 17 September 2010

GRIME NEWS/ Jendor R.I.P Dot Rotten?

Grime Artist Dot Rotten had a tune dedicated to him this week gone but this was no tribute. OG's member Jendor took a rip at Dot sending for him on a undertaker themed background music. Most people feel Jendor has put alot of anger and emotion into this track, Alot more than your average joe.

The main point in Jendor's track imply that Dot Rotton is ungrateful, has disrespected and forgotten N.e(a grime artist and founding member of OG'S, who passed away in 2009) ,one of the people who looked after Dot. Jendor used the WWE undertaker theme As backing, and the track is entitled r.i.p Dot Rotten, when he means the death of Dot does he mean he aims to end Dot's career?

Certain people feel this is just a publicity stunt so Jendor can gain some spotlight, what do you think?


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