Thursday, 16 September 2010

Is UK funky Dying?

The UK funky movement took the uk by storm in 2009, gaining a large response from the underground massive and later mainstream audiences, while making certain underground uk Artists like Jp, K.I.G and funky dee gain some exposure. Dances followed most of these songs which became well popular in their own right. But the question? is Uk funky really dead? Come 2010 and it seems the hype has died down, unlike 2009 you don't hear as much from the genre. The dances to these songs seem to be more alive then the artists,
unlike 2009 the link seems to have weakened,and with certain funky artists releasing videos to tunes they made last year you have to wonder why? and where's the new content?

Maybe it's too early to ask this question, and even to this day music producers are still making new funky house Beats, but most recent uk funky tracks seem to be just recycled carbon copies, Tunes like head shoulderz kneesz and toez, jungle stank, are you gonna bang doe, and migraine skank keep the genre alive but for how long? is this uk funky's peak what do you think?


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