Saturday, 23 July 2011

Amy WineHouse DEAD!

The 27 year old controversial pop artist Amy Winehouse was found laying dead in her camdem flat in NW1, her cause of death is unknown BUT many people are already assuming it's related to drugs. The artist came reached superstardom with her Album Frank back in 2003 but this wasn't the only thing to follow her, as she has been known to have a strong relation drug issues as portrayed in the media. condolences goes out to Family, friends and fans..

Even though Amy was found dead there may be more to it then you think.. <- latest member of the '27 Club' after death

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Fans have already made an official page for the songtress at


  1. A pity about this girl. A new toy is broken society. Too much success too fast, too soon advised.

    In short, the music itself is immortal.

  2. Amy undoubtedly a great singer, a sorrow that was left to go for the bad life until the end.