Monday, 27 June 2011

No Lay Vs OG Niki Lord Of The Mics III Pre Warmup

Nolay's on a rage as the female lyrist can't wait to get down the throat of Og Niki and show everyone she's still got it, but do we sense a hint of jealously in the air? Lord of the mics hasn't even begun but already No Lay wants everyone to know she's on a next hype, should we call child abuse on this one? she goes in no doubt.

But Og Niki came back with a reply and but as expected the dislike bar is larger then's Og niki's acclaimed sex record, either way it doesn't look like she's going to shake off her haters anytime soon, even though No lay has won this pre warm up, no doubt No lay has been the in the game for a long time already but let's see what else Both have up their sleeve soon enough