Sunday, 5 June 2011

Chipmunk "assists" Rihanna

Chipmunk bucked into songtress hottie Rihanna in a club as the she struggled to make it through a crowd in a nightclub, Chippy managed to assist her through a crowd and was thrilled when she knew who he was,

The uk artist wasn't slow as to recognize Rihanna's beauty as he quoted "Rihanna is a real hottie. I bumped into her in a club when she was having difficulty getting to the toilet because of all the people there.

He also said
As she went by, she looked up and said, 'Chipmunk!' It was pretty cool that she knew me and she was proper nice. I like the long, red hair, though she's even better with it short."

Well Chipmunk did make a song with Rihanna's Ex so she's bound to have seen the video, Well either way it's 2-3 to chipmunk.

Well Chipmunk and Rihanna do look nice together right?


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