Friday, 20 May 2011

Rick Ross bringing Tupac Back

Ricky Rozay's recent tribute to Legendary rapper Tupac was a hit, as Ross explained he was paying homage to the fallen thug life artist.

Rick ross added that “Tupac was such a huge influence on the musical level as well as outside of music. A lot of times, I be thinking if Pac was alive, he’d be in politics now.”

while MMG Wale “It’s been 15, 16 years since he died. That means if you’re 20, you really don’t connect unless you do your history,” now these are strong words coming from wale.

Rozay quotes “That surprised me most with the record. We put the record out, I was surprised how many people was asking, who is Tupac? On Twitter, on the blog, who is Tupac?” he said “There are some people that the only people that they familiar with is Wayne and newer,” said Wale. “That’s it. Not even Block is Hot Wayne.”

Now as said before these are strong words coming from both artists and you have to wonder what kind of fans these guys are attracting, like really which rap/hiphop fan doesn't know who Tupac is? either way Meek mill's tupac back ft Rick Ross is an official banger and needs to be heard A.S.A.P


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