Sunday, 24 April 2011

Ja Rule Return too late?

Remember Ja rule? the American rap icon who once was a well known and opposable force in the us rap scene has made a recent return. But is it too late? along aside his bickering with gangster rapper 50 cent, not alot has been heard from Ja rule in the recent years. But it seems the musician refuses to be forgotten so soon and has surprisingly released a single which is entitled Real life fantasy. The song is somewhat deep and expression is taken from the rapper's personal experiences of his life. The song will be just one of the tracks to make a debut on his latest album called Pain is love 2. The release date which is june 7th will be one day before he is to enter prison for a total of two years on gun charges which he pleaded guilty to. It's good to see a once well known rapper making a return the song is very deep but if this enough? without proper promotion or support from the new rap community will this all fade into the past like Ja rule's career or is this a welcome return for the rap sensation?


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