Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Keys the problem?

Ever heard of Keys? maybe not but the young female rapper has gone out of her way to make her self known on youtube by dissing "Harajuku Barbie" Nicki Minaj and posting videos which has successfully gained over a million net views.

Most people think she's just another hater,with one youtuber's comment(quote) "This bitch is Fake Totally, using Nicki to get famous,She has dedicated a load of vids to Nicki".

which is sort of true as she has a lot of videos about Nicki, even Keys Mixtape is rumoured to be mostly about Nicky Minaj, but most of her other videos without Minaj's name have half the views and exposure.Then again The girl's internet persona is pretty eye catching and it's known that Nicki took the same route as an upcoming artist dissing rappers in her rise to fame, so maybe a hint of Karma is in play here.

Still there's somthing about Keys that makes her stand out as a female rapper,she's not bad looking neither, some people already see her as the next female cassidy and suggest the two collaborate, but then again she could be just another "lucky" youtube one hit wonder and by 2011 be forgotten like alot of other unsuccessful rappers. REALLTV wouldn't mind getting a freestyle from keys, it's highly unlikely but then again nothing's impossible.


  1. Keys mixtape isnt ALL about nicki.. 1 song! the mixtape is about the spartan movement.. if u dont know what that is then u need to look up keys this girl is the real deal & doesnt need a record deal to prove that she is the best.. she reminds me of what hip hop use to be.. nicki is what its turning into PLASTIC... id rather be a down & dirty SPARTAN then a fake plastic BARBIE anyday!!!

  2. understandable she does have talent